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What should you factor in first when creating your wedding budget?

Wedding budgets can be tricky to put together! Do you find yourself saying?

Where do I start?

What to I spend more of my budget on?

What can I go without?

Every couple I work with I work with them through the same process when discussing their wedding budget.

Here is my top tip on how to approach your wedding budget and what to focus on first!

Book you big ticket items first!

When I say big ticket items, I mean the wedding suppliers that generally book up first and well in advance. These are also typically suppliers you will also be working with very closely through your wedding journey so want to have a good connection with them to trust they have your back for your wedding in exactly how you envisage. The big ticket items are your Celebrant, Venue, Caterer and Wedding Planner.

Use a wedding budget template to get a budget estimate

Once you have locked in your big ticket items you will have an idea of your current wedding expenses. Work your way through the rest of supplier wish list and put it quote amounts you have received or what you are willing to spend on each supplier. Using a Wedding Budget Template will allow you to see what your overall wedding budget is potentially going to be. Remember, your big ticket items are usually your more expensive wedding elements.

Choose your non negotiables and stick to them!

If you get to this step and your estimates budget is way more than what you want or can afford, then use the Wedding Budget Template to choose what wedding day elements are non negotiables and eliminate other areas you can live without. From here, you will have your list of non negotiables and estimated budget. Stick to these decisions so your budget doesn't sneak up again in costs down the track.

This above is a key process I go through with all couples I work to ensure your wedding costs are always on track.

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