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Your wedding timeline explained!

Whether your wedding is in 3 months or 2 years, once you start your wedding 'to-do-list' it will seem never ending. Trust me!⁠

Just working out where to start can be half the battle!

So I've put together priority steps from the moment you get engaged to get you started on the right foot when working your way through your wedding timeline!

First Step

Enjoy your engagement! I know it sounds simple, but so many couples forget this and go straight for the wedding planning. Book an engagement party and let it all soak in. Do not even think about the wedding yet!⁠

Next Step

Once you have taken the time to enjoy your engagement, it's time to lock in a wedding date and start thinking about your budget. These two areas will be key in ensuring your next step does not become a stressful ordeal.

Once the date is set, it's time for priority bookings!

These are wedding services you should book sooner rather than later, not because they are more important, but because they tend to book up well in advance. But, there is no point booking these until you have your date or budget set to avoid any disappointment in availability or cost expectations.⁠

  • Wedding Planner

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Venue

Then what?

Now, the steps from here in your wedding timeline is where things can get a little overwhelming and endless. ⁠So I've put together a simple yet informative wedding timeline from the moment you get engaged so you have complete peace of mind in your wedding experience!

Mellyrain Events - Wedding Timeline
Download PDF • 4.42MB

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